Local Clear Lake Gem Serving Up Exciting Japanese Cuisine

Sapporro Japanese Food

Today we set out on a journey to make a connection with one of our new Savve restaurant partners down in Clear Lake, Sapporo, a Japanese Bistro & Sushi Bar. The choice to feature Sapporo is fitting given we are entering into Asian Restaurant Month put on by the Houston Asian Chamber of Commerce. 

For the Urban folk living closer to the Bulls Eye, it’s well worth the trek down I-45 and exiting the Nasa Road Bypass with a few quick turns on scenic roads lined with boutique family owned shops. For me this evokes memories of being in similar quaint seaside towns. The population is seafaring with a unique tradition of the area like no other that happens during the Spring and Summer months. The Sail Boat Race is a weekly occurring event where pro and amateur sailors put on a regatta every Wednesday night. The dazzled spectating locals are often found camped out at the local haunts around Clear Lake. Sapporo is located in a prime spot on the bustling Marina Bay Drive nestled in a shopping center. Upon entering, the Bistro’s spinning Sapporo logo from an overhead projector light welcomes you at your feet on the floor. 

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We sat down with the owner Holly Huang to learn more about Sapporo:

S: How did Sapporo begin? 

HH: This location used to be a Chinese Restaurant for nearly 20 years, but when we took it over, we felt it was ready for a change given the new dynamics in the area. The Sushi Bar is exciting and the ambiance leads to a more bar atmosphere where customers spend more money while also attracting a younger crowd. It’s funny we still occasionally get the take-out order call for Sweet & Sour Chicken or General TSO’s, but we have to politely tell them we are a Japanese Sushi Bar now. 

S: What is your favorite dish on the menu?

HH: I really like the Sushi Combo meals or the Ramen. I like the more traditional salmon or tuna rolls (Incidentally, I agree with this) 

S: Tell us about the current special you have on the menu

HH: Right now there is a great Happy Hour Special everyday; you can order a variety of items from Sushi Rolls starting at $6.95 to Drink Specials. 

S: What makes Sapporo special?

HH: Well for one, the Happy Hour being an everyday Happy Hour starting at 3pm and ending at 6pm. Also the location is great, and the area is really growing.

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